For the past two days, the website was partially available and mostly offline due to the issue that occurred during the upgrade process to the new version of CMS.
The issue was affecting only a small amount of websites and it seemed completely harmless. 

It's still unknown what is the cause of failed installation.

While the backups are always there and could've been restored immediately, there was an issue with getting the backup in the working condition due to another problem. This took an extra day to fix.
This is, for sure, a lesson learned: Regardless of how seemingly harmless the update is, it should always be tested first before being released live.

We're back in order now and we still have all the upcoming tutorials and goodies for you!

We're glad to announce that WinDesktop Spotlight 0.9.5 is released.

This update was primarily released to address the issues caused by the removal of the Public folder functionality by Dropbox.
However, numerous critical issues related to the stability were fixed as well.

Unfortunately, since the tool relied on Dropbox server for updates, you will have to update manually.
Compared to the last version, this release is more stable and recommended.

While it works completely as expected on Windows 10, keep in mind that WinDesktop Spotlight is still in beta.
Some issues regarding the app functionality are to be expected.

In case that Microsoft does not implement the ability to use Spotlight Images on desktop backgrounds,
we'll be looking forward to developing this application further.

Discuss this version on our forum or our Discord server.

Download the new version here.

Full Changelog :

v 0.9.5
25. August .2017
Changes :
- Changes to code made to support the shutdown of Public folder by Dropbox
- Tweaked tooltips, text and fixed some typos
- Added an Close button on the Package Update Window
- Updated some Window layouts
- Added new log entries when image folder is empty and when app can't find the spotlight folder
- Updated Credits.txt

Fixes :
- Fixed a crash during Package Update Check
- Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if an image file is valid but empty
- Fixed an issue that caused crash on DoubleClick event if there were no files in the main grid
- Fixed an issue that caused crash on systems that have no Spotlight folder
- Fixed an rare issue that caused crash on Windows 7 if there were no tasks in TaskScheduler
- Fixed an issue that caused crash in SetRandomBackground if first setup wizard was not completed prior