The Forum and the Blog section of the website are now up and running!

On Forum you will be able to get support for general inquiries regarding our products.
You can also chat about development or other topics with other users.
We will showcase upcoming projects over there and also notify you about the changes regarding the new versions of the released products.

Forum is open for Public, which means that you can post there without registering.
However, users that are not registered will have to input their name every time they post, alongside completing the Captcha. You also cannot edit your posts as a guest user.

Blog, on the other hand, will be used for more relaxed posts about development, services, and other various things. We will also post various announcements and notifications.

We will also post various announcements and notifications for you to read here. 

Recently we started updating our "Learn" section of the website, where you can read tutorials about various software.
Right now we're doing a round of Unity tutorials, but we're hoping to expand this to Blender for 3D modeling, texturing etc. 

Stay in touch ;)


Founder of Digital Hamster.