In Resident Evil Revelations 2 you can control multiple characters. One of them holds the Flashlight while the other has the firearms.
At first, it seemed that this is just a fancy way to solve the "holding flashlight" problem, but it turned out that the Flashlight actually has a function.

In this case that was the extra loot. While the player Controls the Moira (Character) who holds the flashlight, they can occasionally see the glow in the level.
By pointing the flashlight in that direction by holding the right mouse button, the game will reveal the loot that was shining. This can be anything from bullets to gems. 

Otherwise, this loot is not will not be visible or discoverable. 

I find this mechanic quite cool. While some games will attach the flashlight to suit or require you to hold it, preventing you from holding weapons, in this game you can easily switch to another character and control the flashlight by moving the cursor and the camera. Besides, it seems like a decent solution for looting and it matches the dark horror atmosphere perfectly. 

On the other hand, the other character only has a blunt weapon, meaning that you don't have a gun ready when an enemy rushes towards you. You feel more vulnerable. Even though the game will take the control over the other character, it's you who is almost defenseless. To be fair, the flashlight can blind the enemy but you will not be able to kill most of them with your weapon from just a couple of hits, on normal difficulty.

Quite cool. Take a look at this video for example of this mechanic in the actual game:


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