Digital Hamster offers translation for your video games from English to the Serbian language.

Contact us with the following required information:

1. Game information (Title, link to the store - if any, short info about the game in case that the game is not published)
2. The number of lines and/or words.
3. Document type or Service where the translation will occur. (In case of serialized data, mention in which format was it serialized, if you can - provide a short sample)

Provide temporary testing copy of the game if available

In a case when we don't already own the copy of the game that you want us to translate, you will need to provide a temporary copy of the game, which will be used during the translation process. Plain text will work as well, but the only way to test it fully and make sure that the context is correct is to actually test it in-game. 

Having access to the developer console / having a way to call specific events in-game to test the translation is highly helpful. 

How much will it cost?

Depending on the amount of required work, most of the times the translation will be exchanged for a couple of Steam keys for the game and a way to credit the translation back to us so that we can translate more games for other developers. Some developers will get an opportunity to get the game translated free of a charge. 

So far we've translated the following games:

911 Operator (Jutsu Games) - Steam - Official Website - Workshop

    On The Line (Soharic Media) (911 Operator Community DLC Pack)  - Official Website

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (Red Dot Games) - Steam - Work in Progress