MyCity Facts Generator was made as a tool for MyCity forum.

Main goal of this application is to make creating facts or "quote of the day" easy.
Another goal of this application was to try and protect content from other people
who kept stealing it and then claimed that they have made it.

Application tries to solve this issue with watermark and templates which are hard

to manipulate.

All user needs to do is to drag an image and write some text. 
With a press of the button this becomes generated image file that can be shared
with other people.

In case that they want to keep this fact, they can do so, and come back later 
at any point and change something about it.

Although this application is completely free, it's currently using hardcoded templates
designed to suit MyCity forum users. 
This is going to change in next versions when Template Editor becomes part of the 
application. Until that happens, if you want, you can try the application yourself.
It's completely translated to English as a part of the process to make it usable for everyone.



Main features :
- Drag/Drop an image, write some text and generate your fact or quote of the day
- Stock variants that can be used as template background images
- Ability to resize text field and move it to suit your needs
- Project file can be saved, which will allow you to edit any generated image at any point later 
- Helps with posting process online by saving paths automatically in clipboard - no need to find an image
- Three aspect ratio modes, including calculation of AR to make any image fit good on your templates
- Customizable and portable
- Auto Update

Download : 
Windows 1.15.23
Linux (Mono) 1.15.23