phpBB Scrapper

This is another tool made for private purposes originally.

What this tool does is indexes complete phpBB forum.

It gets all topics from all categories, usernames of people 
who posted those topics, view and post counts etc.

Its main goal is to allow easy indexing of all topics
and then offer rich and powerful way to sort this index
and export it as BBCode. 

Because this type of software is easy to abuse,
this one was created with permission of the forum owner,
and only people who have access to it are those
in admin/mod teams of that forum.

This also stands for anyone who wants to get this
software adjusted.
If you need it for certain forum, you must be
owner of that forum or have permission from an
After obtaining the software, it will be your 
responsibility to keep it protected from abuse.







Main Features :
- Ability to automatically index complete forums with a click of a button
- Can save this index as a project file
- Offers rich ways to sort and search through this index
- Can export index under specific rules which are also powerful, for example :
-- You can categorize all topics from specific Type (Sticky, Important, Announcement etc.) 
-- You can build entries with specific orders by using special keywords in export template
-- You can exclude certain types of topics, or topics that don't match your required condition, and export list as such.