Mumble Trivia Bot is free software that can connect to a Mumble Trivia Server and host Trivia Games for users.
It's highly customizable and it comes with included Trivia Editor, as well as with Open Trivia Database support.
Hosting games is as easy as typing "!start! within the channel chat. The bot will take care of everything else. 

Features :
- Hosts Trivia Games on Mumble Servers via Mumble Channel Chat
- Keeps track of scores per server and session
- Highly customizable, with multiple Question types including Simple ABCD, Proximity and True/False types of Questions
- Can be controlled by other users using Chat commands within Mumble Channel
- Randomized Answers and Questions 
- Built-in Trivia Editor Allows easy creation and modification of Trivias
- Open Trivia Database Support - This service provides Trivia Questions via API; Import up to 50 questions per click from the desired category and create Trivia Libraries with Ease
- Third-party localization is supported
- Export and Share created Trivia Libraries with other Mumble Trivia Bot users
- Detailed Help File Included

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